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Bridezilla Tells Bridesmaid To Dye ‘Attention Grabbing’ Hair

Is this the worst bridezilla ever?

We’ve all known (but hopefully not been) a bridezilla in our time, but spare a thought for this poor bridesmaid who has shared her recent experience on Reddit.


In her post, the user says she “readily accepted” when her friend asked her to be her bridesmaid, however she later received an email from the bride-to-be explaining that she would have to dye her naturally ginger hair for the big day.

“I’ll take you to my hairdresser and cover the cost,” she so kindly offered.

When the bridesmaid queried the bride-to-be over why she needed to dye her hair, she was told her colouring would clash with the colours, and that brides get a veto over pretty much every aspect of her bridesmaids’ appearances”.

“She also mentioned my hair is quite “attention-grabbing” and I’d take away from the cohesiveness of the group. I told her I wasn’t comfortable dying my hair. She said she’d get back to me but hoped I’d reconsider.

The baffled bridesmaid took to Reddit to ask users if this was an unreasonable request, while some users said she should “just do it”, most users jumped to her defence and assured her the request was absurd.

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