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British Model Allegedly Kidnapped In Milan Speaks Out In TV Interview

“I woke up in the boot of a car in a zip up bag and tape on my mouth and handcuffs on my feet"

British model Chloe Ayling thought she was flying to Milan for a photoshoot. Instead, the 20-year-old was allegedly drugged, stuffed into a bag and kept for six days, while her kidnappers tried to auction her as a sex slave on the dark web. 

The model spoke out about the horror ordeal—and hit back at critics who claim the kidnapping was a hoax—in an interview with UK morning show This Morning.

The mother-of-one alleges she was grabbed by two masked men on July 11 when she arrived in Milan for a photo shoot. She said one man injected a substance into her wrist.

“I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know why. I thought someone wrong had got me and the shoot was still supposed to go on. I didn’t connect it as a set-up,” Ms Ayling explained, as reported by

“I woke up in the boot of a car in a zip-up bag and I had tape on my mouth and handcuffs of my feet.”

When she saw the suitcase, she “thought I was going to die”.

“I was just hoping for a non-painful death,” she added.

The model was questioned about how she managed to keep her composure recounting the horror events and why she doesn’t appear to be a “nervous wreck”.

Ms Ayling replied: “That’s just how I am as a person. I try to be as strong as possible.”

She added: “It is really hurtful to see people doubt my story. Like when I went shoe shopping apparently, which was to the camping shop to get shoes for the consulate, people were saying why didn’t I run?

“’It’s easy for them to say that but when you’re in my situation it’s not that easy.”

chloe ayling
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As The Guardian reports, Polish national Lukasz Pawel Herba was arrested and charged over the alleged kidnapping after he took the model to the British consulate in Milan.

It is alleged Ms Ayling’s captor allegedly planned to sell her on the dark web for £230,000, and also made demands that her agent pay a ransom fee. 

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