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Is this the most sexist front page you’ve ever seen?

Today Theresa May is installed at Number Ten Downing Street. She will be the second female Prime Minister of Britain in history - but not everyone's in a feminist mood

Today probably felt like a good day to be a woman in Britain. After all, today Theresa May moves into Number 10 Downing Street. This makes her just the second woman in history to become the Prime Minister of Britain – a huge milestone for women in the UK, and around the world.

And yet, not everyone was feeling so… progressive.

Yesterday the tabloid newspaper The Sun celebrated the event with a front page that read ‘HEEL BOYS” alongside a giant image of May’s high heels trampling upon the heads of male politicians.

The cover comes after weeks of press coverage that has at times focused almost as much on May’s fashion taste as her abilities.

The front page also follows a bitter spat between May and fellow Tory politician Andrea Leadsom over the importance of motherhood in politics.

Of course, The Sun isn’t known for its feminism. It still runs a scantily-clad Page Three every day. But as long as newspapers continue to focus on May’s footwear, women and girls around the world – who are in desperate need of female role models – don’t get to see and hear about May’s policies and opinions. And right now that’s what Britain (and British women) really needs.

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