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Brother Of JonBenet Ramsay To Speak Publicly For The First Time

Burke Ramsay was just nine when the six-year-old beauty queen was killed.

It’s the case that left police baffled, but as the 20 anniversary of the death of JonBenet Ramsey approaches, her brother plans to tell all.

In an exclusive three-part interview with Dr. Phil, 29-year-old Burke Ramsey will reveal what he knows about the case.  

JonBenét was found murdered in her parent’s basement on December 26, 1996. Burke was just nine-years-old at the time. 

Parents John and Patsy remained suspects in their daughter’s death until 2008, when police finally cleared their names. Sadly, Patsy had already been dead for two years after her battle with cancer.

Burke, also a suspect, was exonerated by DNA evidence in May of 1999.

In 2006, a 41-year-old schoolteacher named John Mark Karr confessed to killing JonBenet, but was never charged as his DNA wasn’t a match.

Burke’s interview with Dr. Phil will air on September 12, 13 and 14.

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