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Burberry’s Limited-Edition Dog Accessories Will Ensure Your Bestie Is As Stylish As You

But hurry, there are only a few left in the world!

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from your Burberry trench? It’s kind of like all the feels you have for your loyal four-legged friend. Well, Burberry wants you to experience double the love. They’ve just released a limited-edition Thomas Burberry-monogrammed range of dog accessories and it is SO extra.

We can thank Burberry’s designer Riccardo Tisci for this pooch-perfect range, which is part of his “B Series” – collections of limited-edition pieces that are only available for 24 hours on the 17th of every month.

In this latest dog-exclusive B Series collection, you’ll find a hoodie covered in the brand’s new logo for $320, a dog collar complete with trench-inspired D-rings (in a small and medium/large size) for $380, and a leash to match for $460.

The collar and leash both feature 100% leather lining with the brand’s new e-canvas outer – an environmentally conscious canvas made primarily using renewable resources that require less water and generate less CO2 than conventional coated canvases. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can have each item personalised. 

While the whole idea of the B Series is that you only have one day to purchase them, the collar and dog leash are still available on Burberry Australia’s website.

For now.

But you can bet that won’t be for too much longer.

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