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Mother Hopes To Donate Her Own Kidney To Save Her Daughter’s Life

"It’s heartbreaking to see my little girl going through so much"

Queensland 12-year-old Jasmyn Campbell is known to family and friends for her fighting spirit and her love of Muay Thai boxing.

But Jasmyn’s fighting spirit was put to the test on Easter Monday when she was rushed to Cairns Hospital after undergoing heart failure. According to her mother, Melody Ward, Jasmyn was also severely anaemic and her kidneys were functioning at just two per cent

Diagnosed with childhood nephritis, Jasmyn now requires a kidney transplant, reports the Cairns Post.

Melody has pledged to make the brave organ donation, although testing to see if her kidney is a match could take months.

“It’s heartbreaking to see my little girl going through so much and I wish it was me and not her,” she told the Cairns Post.

Adding to the heartbreak, Melody realised Jasmyn was scared the kidney transplant might harm her own mother.

“I explained that she’s going to need a transplant and that I want to give her one of my kidneys … and I left out the important part, that I would be OK if I gave her a kidney,” Melody said.

“I went to Google something on her phone and in her history it came up ‘will my mum die if she gives me a kidney’.”

The Cairns Post reports Jasmyn has received blood transfusions, haemodialysis treatment and three surgeries since her diagnosis.

Jasmyn’s GoFundMe crowdfunding page

Melody shared an update about Jasmyn’s condition on her Facebook page, saying her daughter requires dialysis treatment for 11hours every night until she gets a kidney transplant.

“(W)e have been through hell, our world has been turned upside down but we are strong and we are fighters and we will get through this,” she wrote.

“I wanted to say a big massive thank you to everyone for the love and support, I’m ever so grateful for each and every one of you.”

Yesterday, the Federal Government pledged to invest $4.1 million from the 2017 Budget towards a program to support living organ donors. ABC News reports the program, which began in 2013, gives donors nine weeks of paid leave and money for living expenses. 

You can donate to Jasmyn’s crowdfunding campaign here:

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