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Caitlin Stasey Bares All On Instagram For Body Positivity

You've probably never seen these kinds of photos on Instagram... WARNING: nudity ahead.

Ex-Neighbours star Caitlin Stasey, who acts on Josh Thomas’ impactful Australian series Please Like Me, has taken to Instagram to promote body positivity for women. 

 Long a supporter of the #FreeTheNipple campaign, which aims to make female toplessness as acceptable as male toplessness, Caitlin has taken a completely nude photo of herself (with her cat on the bed) and posted it to Instagram. Though she bares her nipples, currently considered explicit content on Instagram, it seems that she has won in this instance, as Instagram has not taken the photo down.

Though this photo may not seem empowering to some, given that Stasey’s body fits a lot of the conventions of model-esque beauty, she is not afraid to show off the conventionally less-attractive sides of her body to make a stand. 

Most recently she posted this photo captioned “Him: I LOVE dimples on a girl”, showing cellulite on her leg.

She has also posted pictures before of hair under her arms, and on her bikini line, normalising the places where women naturally grow hair.

This kind of content is not new for Caitlin Stasey – in early 2015 she published a feminist website called Herself, displaying nude portraits and interviews with women of all shapes and sizes, exposing parts of women’s bodies that aren’t normally seen in the public eye in such a de-sexualised context. 

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Who is Caitlin Stasey?

  • A former Neighbours star who played the character Rachel Kinski 
  • Was born in 1990 and is currently living in LA
  • Describes herself as a “passionate feminist” and co-founded the website

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