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Camille Razat Reveals The Worst Part Of Being On Emily In Paris

"Fame is a very weird beast.”

“These are my favourite shoes! Aren’t they so cute? They’re also comfortable,” French actor Camille Razat chirps as she kicks up a foot to the Zoom camera to reveal an exquisite scarlet heel finishing off a sleek black outfit.

She’s dressed to the nines – and for good reason. The Emily in Paris star has stolen away from a party at Paris Fashion Week to chat to marie claire.

The 28-year-old actor is the toast of the town, having wrapped season three of Netflix’s popular series the night before. 

When it comes to Camille’s chic wardrobe on Emily in Paris, she tells marie claire she simply can’t pick a favourite look. “They’re all very different because sometimes you have the work aspect of Camille, then you have like the very glamorous then you have her casual day looks. They’re all so different to compare and it’s too hard to choose between them.”

Camille Razat
Camille Razat. (Credit: Roger Vivier.)

While glamming up in designer clothes for work is definitely a perk, Razat reveals there is a downside. “It’s so sad and unfair but I don’t get to keep any clothes from set! They say it’s in case they want to use it again next season and I always say, “you’re not going to use it again, please give it to me!”

A few weeks later, when I spoke to Lily Collins, she echoed Razat’s disappointment about the wardrobe. “I know it’s ridiculous. It’s so, so sad. I’m always like. ‘so what can we take?’”

Emily in Paris
Camile and her co-star Lily Collins in ‘Emily In Paris’ season three. (Credit: Netflix)

She’s also celebrating her appointment as ambassador for luxury accessories label Roger Vivier at a cocktail party in the midst of fashion week, alongside the likes of singer Halle Bailey and model Joan Smalls.

Razat can’t reveal much about her character’s story arc for season three but she says, “Just you wait for the drama, there’s so much drama! And the fashion is even better, if you can believe it.”

Emily in paris
The ‘Emily In Paris’ cast at the premiere. (Credit: Getty)

After some coaxing, she gives in a little and says of her character (also named Camille), “She’s getting through stuff but she’s a tough cookie. You really get to see more of her life as a businesswoman, which I love.”

Despite originally applying for and getting into a course to study war reporting, Razat found overnight fame with Emily in Paris, something she’s still wrapping her head around two years on. “It’s just something I have to live with,” she says. “I will work on how I handle it. Fame is a very weird beast.”

Emily In Paris season three is now streaming on Netflix. Lily Collins stars on the cover of our January 2023 issue, on stands now!

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