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Caramel M&Ms Are Coming And Chocolate Butter Is An Actual Thing.

Today is a good day.

To celebrate 75 wonderful years of M&Ms in our lives, Mars Chocolate have announced a brand new flavor – and this one might be the most exciting yet.

It’s caramel!


The company announced the news via Facebook and it’s safe to say chocolate lovers everywhere are rejoicing (and liking and sharing some 42,000 times!)

Sadly however the news is set to leave chocolate lovers salivating until May 2017 when it will hit shelves. But the good news is, this one isn’t set to be a limited edition flavor, with caramel here to stay.

And now that we’ve officially got chocolate on the brain, there’s another important development that needs discussing.

Whittakers and Lewis Road Creamery in New Zealand have teamed up to create a little thing called chocolate butter, and you’re going to want to keep reading.

Basically it’s butter whipped with Whittaker’s 72 per cent dark Ghana chocolate – and you use it anywhere you would normal butter: toast, croissants, pancakes, waffles, crumpets, cakes, cookies – or, let’s be real: directly in your gob.

“The French, who know a thing or two about butter, chocolate and pastries, have always had a soft spot for pain au chocolat and it got us thinking: ‘What if we combined the world’s best butter and best chocolate in an easy-to-spread blend that would be good with almost anything,’ explained Lewis Road founder Peter Cullinane of how the idea came about.

“Right away we were off to the patisserie for more croissants and it was out with the blender to mix up the very first batch of chocolate and butter. As soon as we tasted it we knew we were onto something special.”

The butter went on sale nationally in New Zealand today but no word yet on whether this will be headed to Australian stores…

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