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‘Tiger King’s’ Carole Baskin Is Selling Leopard Print Face Masks For Big Cat Charities

They feature her catchphrase, "Hey all you cool cats and kittens"

Carole Baskin, Big Cat Rescue founder and star of Netflix phenomenon Tiger King, has launched cat-themed face masks to benefit big cat charities and first responders.

The animal rights activist launched the capsule collection, in collaboration with Chicago company Tread 365, which features her catchphrase, “Hey all you cool cats and kittens”, printed on them. The protective items also feature a cat whisker design and come in black as well as Baskin’s trademark leopard print.

“Tread 365 has teamed up with Carole Baskin from Big Cat Rescue to bring you the PURRRFECT face mask,” the product’s description reads, explaining that: “A portion of all Cool Cats face mask proceeds goes directly to supporting the big cats!”

The cat activist rose to fame after appearing in Tiger King, which detailed the story of Joe Exotic and his attempt to hire a hitman to kill Baskin. Following its release, Baskin spoke out on her portrayal and refused to appear in the series reunion episode. 

“There are not words for how disappointing it is to see that the series…had the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers,” Baskin wrote in a blog post titled “Refuting Netflix Tiger King.”

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