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Carrie Bickmore Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To This Unexpected Radio Stunt

So many tears!

As far as reactions to surprise parties go, you can’t get much better than Carrie Bickmore’s hilarious response to a belated birthday celebration at her house.

For a stunt on the Hit Network yesterday, Bickmore’s radio co-host Tommy Little organised a surprise party with a very unexpected guest. 

“We’ve got you a present,” Little announces in the video released by the Carrie and Tommy show.

“Your present is behind that door.” 

When Bickmore opens the door to her laundry room, she finds UK singer Sam Smith hiding behind it. Cue Bickmore’s hilarious, hysterical screams and tears.  

Bickmore was gifted four precious minutes with the Stay With Me singer ahead of his Australian tour.

“Oh my God, you’re in my house,” she says excitedly in the clip.

“Now what happens? Do I have to talk to you? I’m not going to be able to talk.”

Embracing her in a hug, Smith replied: “Aw, that’s the best reaction ever.”

Watch the glorious video below.

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