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Carrie Bickmore Opens Up About How The Loss Of Her Husband Never Goes Away

'I don’t know if I want it to though'

Carrie Bickmore tragically lost her husband Greg Lange to brain cancer in 2010 and now six years on, The Project hosts admits the loss never truly goes away.

“The sadness — that awful sense of loss — never entirely goes away,” she tells The Daily Telegraph. “I don’t know if I want it to though.”

“It’s a strange thing, but I guess it’s wanting to know that person is still with you in some way.”


Speaking about her Beanies 4 Brain Cancer foundation, which has now raised over $1.2 million, she says she is humbled be the response she has received. 

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“The foundation has given me a positive place to channel a lot of the feelings I have,” she said.

“I feel fortunate to be part of it and It’s also a real legacy for Greg and a legacy for Ollie as well.”

The foundation, which was launched after the incredible response the TV star received after he powerful Logies acceptance speech in 2015 where she encouraged people to wear a beanie to raise awareness.

Carrie Bickmore

Just over a year on and they have made their first $250,000 grant to the Neuroscience Foundation.

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