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Cassandra Sainsbury’s New Lawyer Says She’s ‘Traumatised’ As Her Cryptic Instagrams Come To Light

"50 days until everything changes."

Cassandra Sainsbury’s newly appointed lawyer says she’s “very traumatised” about being held in notorious Colombian prison, El Buen Pastor. 

Speaking to ABC News, Orlando Herran said that if his client is found guilty, she could face up to 20 years in prison “but if we can get a deal with prosecutors, we could avoid drug trafficking charges and instead get complicity or something where she had a guilty act of not reviewing her luggage, and we could get a deal of a minimum of four years.”

Cryptic Instagram posts by the 22-year-old have also now been deleted, according to On January 10, she wrote, “50 days until I make the biggest move I’ve yet to do … 50 days until everything changes.”

The post included hashtags, “#newbeginnings #newyearnewme #2k17 #dreamjob #bondiliving #life #change #love #50daysleft #goodthingsarecoming.”

On January 24 she wrote another now-deleted post, saying, “Moving interstate driving me cray cray! #save me! Not long before the big move now, super excited and can’t wait to leave so much baggage behind.”

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Yesterday, further details were uncovered about the case, including that the US Drug Enforcement Agency had tipped off Colombian authorities of their suspicions that the 22-year-old Australian would try to smuggle drugs out of the country.

Cassandra’s plane ticket to fly from Colombia to London, before home to Australia, was bought at the last minute by someone in Hong Kong – the red flag that caught the eye of US authorities, The Australian reported. 

The former personal trainer was in the final stages of boarding her flight to London when police found the 5.8kgs of cocaine in her suitcase. 


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