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Celebrities React To The #Brexit Vote

As Britain prepares for the vote that could change history, we've rounded up some of the best (or at least most colourful) celebrity contributions to the debate....

1. David Beckham shared this heartfelt message and Posh publicly supported him:

2. British PM, David Cameron tweeted this picture of Daniel Craig.

3. Actor Idris Elba makes a compelling argument to ‘vote in’.

4. J.K. Rowling wrote about the referendum on her website.

5. Liz Hurley was less-than-subtle on the other side of the debate.

6. Joan Collins used Emojis to make her point.

7. And finally, Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof went to battle on the Thames over the Brexit debate. Geldof led the ‘against’ side, blasting ‘The In Crowd’, while Farage, the United Kingdom Independent Party leader, countered with a fleet of 30 fishing vessels. Police ended the abrupt spectacle, telling the protestors to keep the noise down and distance from each other.

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