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The Veronicas Have Claimed ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Producers “Manipulated” Them In Scathing In Open Letter

"You turn around and weaponised our words & our mummy’s name—turning them into a knife to stab us in the heart."

Following their appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, pop duo The Veronicas, Lisa and Jess Origliasso, have hit back at producers in a scathing open letter, claiming the edit they’ve received has painted them to be “entitled brats” on the Channel Nine series. 

“Dear Celebrity Apprentice,” the letter begins. “This open letter is not for the public, the public is going to form an opinion based off what you put in front of them. This is for the crew and production involved in the show that knows the truth.”

The sisters add that they signed up to the reality series “under the guise of charity & heart”, but have since felt they the program has “used” a fragile time in their lives to depict a completely fabricated narrative. 

“Our genuine intentions and passion reduced to an editportraying us strong-arming other team members & outwardly using our mother’s condition for sympathy & manipulative tactics is disgusting,” they continue. “And it was you who constantly asked us to reiterate our charity and why we were there during this episode & you turn around and weaponised our words & our mummy’s name—turning them into a knife to stab us in the heart. Shame on you.”

The sisters chose the Brain Foundation as their charity of choice this season, following their mother’s battle with a rare neurological disease. 

Taking aim at the show’s producers, the pair describe their experiences as “gut-wrenching, soul-destroying” and the “lowest thing”, noting the edit they’ve received since the series went to air is the “lowest thing” that could have been done to them as “women, daughters and carers.” 

Following on from their open letter, The Veronicas took to Twitter to allege the show had “gaslit” them, considering the 

Following the letter they also fired off several angry tweets claiming they were “gaslit”.

Their statement read: “The fact they have edited this to seem like emotional manipulation and blackmailing people for sympathy is awful. Being gaslit on an edit over something so close to our hearts is truly beyond comprehension. We are grateful there was money made for all the charities involved.” 

Channel Nine is yet to respond to the claims, but fellow contestants have spoken out in response.

“Deepest sympathy and compassion for @theveronicasmusic who were fighting for their Mama Bear and wearing their heart on their sleeves,” designer Camilla Franks wrote. 

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