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Dreamworld Tragedy: Husband “Too Distraught” To Speak Since Deaths

David Goodchild witnessed his wife's horror accident

The husband of one of the Dreamworld victims watched in horror as his wife, Kate, was killed in front of him.

And since then, he has been so distraught he has been unable to speak, according to his father.

David Goodchild was holding his daughter, Evie, when the accident unfolded. According to, he saw the accident involving Kate and their elder daughter Ebony, 12, occur. 

News Limited reports that David Goodchild’s father, Graham, says he has not been able to speak of the accident since he returned home.

“They haven’t even told us completely what happened but I know that tonight there are two very traumatised children coming back home,” Graham said.

The two children who survived the horrific Dreamworld accident – Ebony and Keiran Low – are reportedly ‘traumatised’, and police have called their escape a ‘miracle’.

Both were miraculously thrown from the raft, and both witnessed the death of their mothers.

Ebony Goodchild’s father survived, due to the fact he was running late for the ride, so wasn’t on the raft. 


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Meanwhile, the CEO of Ardent Leisure, the company which owns Dreamworld, has broken her silence at their Annual General Meeting this morning.

Deborah Thomas fronted the meeting following the tragic accident at the Gold Coast theme park on Tuesday afternoon that killed four people.

“It is under extremely sad circumstances that we gather here in Sydney for the AGM two days after the tragic deaths of four people at Dreamworld,” Ms Thomas said.

“I would like to express our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the people killed in this tragedy. Our thoughts are with them and particularly with their children.

“Our immediate concerns remain with the families of the victims and how we can assist them in this difficult time. We are also focused on our affected visitors and staff.

“There is very little that I can say today except that we are working closely with authorities to examine exactly how this happened.”

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