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Chilling Details Of Tinder Stalker’s Dangerous Past Emerge

He stalked a US woman for 18 months before he was deported from the country

Two years before he attempted to rape and murder Angela Jay, Paul Lambert spent 18 months stalking US TV reporter Brittany Ann Keil.

According to documents filed in a Florida Court obtained by The Courier Mail, Lambert “maliciously threatened (Ms Keil’s) reputation, threatened to expose her to disgrace, expose her secrets … with the intention to compel Brittany to see him”.

“He also has attempted to extort money in exchange for no contact with her and in exchange for not following through with his malicious attempts … to ruin her life.”

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Brittany Ann Keil. Photo: twitter

The pair got in touch in 2014 via dating app Tinder while Lambert was on holiday in the US with his then wife, he didn’t tell her he was married. They stayed in contact and during a later trip they reportedly enjoyed a brief relationship but the Emmy winning reporter tried to break the relationship off 11 times.

After she broke things off he told her he was suffering from a brain tumour amongst other lies in attempts to gain her sympathy, and then continued to bombard her with calls, emails, Facebook messages and even called her employer and posted comments on her social media pages.

With the help of police, Ms Leil attempted to mitigate the situation with an email asking him to cease communication or she would be forced to take legal action.

Lambert then attempted to extort money from her, but the harassment didn’t stop and became more worrying as he appeared to be contacting her from multiple personalities. 

Paul Lambert. photo: Facebook

After referring to himself as a “killer” on her Facebook page police tracked him to a resort in Orlando and arrested him for stalking and extortion.

Lambert was soon deported from the US.

“Paul admitted he lied to Brittany about having a brain tumour and about having a twin brother,” a police report obtained by The Courier Mail read.

“He stated pretty much all of the things he had ever told her since October were lies or exaggerations of the truth.

“He stated … he has told people in his life that his family members have died frequently. He stated his father, mother and best friend have all died over a dozen times.

“Brittany stated she could not bring herself to cut off all contact with Paul early on because it was one tragedy after another and she thought she would be a horrible person to abandon someone who had just lost their father and best friend back to back and was then hospitalised in a hiking accident.”

Angela Jay. Photo: Seven News

Lambert was shot and killed by police earlier this week after he attempted to rape and murder Angela Jay after meeting her on Tinder months earlier. He refused to accept the break up and preceded to bombard her with calls and threatening violence against her and himself, eventually forcing her to take out an AVO against him.

Some two moths after their break up, Lambert broke into Jay’s Port Macquarie home where he reportedly placed her underwear and cable ties on the bed that he planned to use to rape her and then doused the bed and wardrobe in petrol as he waited for her to return home, The Daily Telegraph reported.

When she arrived home at around 6pm, Lambert set upon her, stabbing her 11 times.

Somehow the doctor managed to flee her attacker and made it to her neighbors driveway where she collapsed in a pool of blood as she instructed the neighbour how to stop the bleeding. 

By the time police had arrived Lambert had fled, leading to a police chase which ended on the Pacific Highway near Bonville after road spikes managed to stop his car.

Seven News reports that police tazerd Lambert when he lunged at police with a knife, when that didn’t deter him they were forced to open fire.

Details have since emerged about Lambert’s history of violence and stalking women, reportedly having been deported from the US for stalking.

Miraculously Jay survived the attack and has since been released from hospital.

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