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Chris Brown In Police Standoff After Threatening A Woman With A Gun

The rapper refused to leave his home following an altercation with a female guest.

Chris Brown has been in a nine-hour stand off with police at his Los Angeles home after a woman claims he pointed a gun at her.

Former beauty queen Baylee Curran called 911 and accused the rapper of threating her with a firearm it has been alleged.

Footage of the situation showed Brown’s entourage filing out of the house, however the rapper reportedly refuse to leave.

After a number of hours, police were issued a search warrant and the 27-year-old appeared to surrender to police.

Curran, the current Miss California Regional 2016 claims she was using Brown’s hottub along with another girl before going inside the house.

She claims one of Brown’s entourage was showing her a piece of jewellery and then the rapper “went nuts” and pointed a gun at her yelling “get the f*** out”, reports News Corp.

Curran also added that Brown appeared to be “on drugs or alcohol”.

During the nine-hour stand off with police, Brown took to Instagram to upload a series of bizarre videos declaring his innocence.

“I don’t care. Y’all gonna stop playing with me like I’m the villain out here, like I’m going crazy,” he said in one video. “When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do you’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing. You idiots.”

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