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The Bizarre Addition To The Chris Dawson Case

Chris Dawson has officially been charged with the murder of his wife

Yesterday, former Newtown Jets rugby league player Chris Dawson was charged with the 1982 murder of his wife Lynette Dawson

Dawson has since pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder, and sitting in Sydney’s Central Local Court the 70-year-old man did not apply for bail. 

The Lyn Dawson cold case was at the center of widely popular investigative podcast series, The Teacher’s Pet, and over its 16 episodes dove deep into the disappearance and probable murder of the northern beaches mother-of-two. 

the teachers pet
Lyn Dawson and one of her daughters

Following the incarceration of his brother, Peter Dawson (72) made a bizarre comment to The Daily Telegraph by stating his “former mother-in-law walked out on her three children in Sydney 60 years ago.”

Peter, who was Chris Dawson’s former lawyer, drew the comparison between the two incidences in the Dawson family by saying that these things do happen.”

Chris and Peter Dawson’s former mother-in-law walked out on her family and relocated to New Zealand, where she remarried and lived out her life. 

the teacher pet
Chris Dawson and his twin brother Paul

Peter Dawson told the newspaper that like his former mother-in-law, Lyn Dawson ran out on the family and is still alive, “She did not contact her family, did not contact the kids, did not contact her husband,”

“We don’t know where Lyn is. I hope she is living happily somewhere in the world.” 

Chris Dawson has maintained that he is innocent and that his wife ran off with a religious group.

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