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This Video Of Chris Hemsworth Dancing To ‘Wrecking Ball’ Will Make Your Day


Chris Hemsworth is giving Ryan Reynolds a run for the title of Hollywood’s Funniest Hot Dad, taking to Instagram to share a video of him dancing to Miley Cyrus’ song ‘Wrecking Ball’, complete with children and an overexcited dog. 

The Thor actor wrote: “What started as a ground breaking music video ended in a savage attack by a cowardly K9. Never work with Kids or Animals.”

He also tagged his brother, Liam Hemsworth, and Miley Cyrus, his soon to be sister-in-law, who reacted by commenting “Epic.”

The hilariously cute video has already been viewed by over 10m people with many writing what we’re all thinking: “You are so pure, we need to protect you at all costs.”

Others wrote, “This is my favourite thing on the internet right now,” and “ICONIC 😂.”

One person noted, “Thor was unstoppable until the dog came along.”

Now, excuse us, we’re off to watch this on repeat all afternoon… 

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