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Chrissie Swan Says Meghan Markle Is “Acting” In Public Facebook Rant

"She looks like she's performing"

Australian TV personality and author Chrissie Swan has come under fire for saying she thinks Meghan Markle is “acting.”

Following news of the royal engagement between Prince Harry and his American bride-to-be, the Nova radio host wrote on Facebook, “For some reasonI still haven’t warmed to her.”

She then elaborated, saying: “It’s her manner. She looks like she’s performing.”

“To me she looks like she’s portraying a concocted humility. Acting.” 

harry meghan

Though Markle is indeed an actress, it’s quite clear that she and Prince Harry are head over heels for each other – just look at this behind-the-scenes clip from their first interview together

Markle has, for years, volunteered to charities, written essays about racism and feminism and, up until recently, ran a lifestyle website Tig, where she was open and honest with her readers. 

While a few people agreed with Swan’s opinion, others were angered, calling the 44-year-old a “bully” and saying they were “very disappointed” by the comments. 

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