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Christian Porter Comes Forward As The Minister Facing A Historical Rape Allegation, Denies Rape

Watch the Attorney-General give his first media interview on the subject
Christian Porter

Attorney-General Christian Porter has identified himself as the Liberal Party cabinet minister facing a historical rape allegation. This afternoon, Porter appeared before journalists in Perth where he strenuously denied the allegations.

The allegations were detailed in an anonymous letter sent to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, where Porter was accused of raping a woman in Sydney in 1988. “Nothing in the allegations that have been printed ever happened,” claimed Porter about the alleged event.

The woman contacted police in 2019, but committed suicide last year. 

The press conference came today after New South Wales Police announced yesterday that there was “insufficient admissible evidence” to investigate. The case is now closed. 

“Prior to last Friday’s story in the ABC, no-one in law enforcement or the law or politics or the media ever put any substance with any specific allegations to me at all,” Mr Porter said.

“I was aware over the last few months of a whispering campaign,” said Porter.

WATCH: Christian Porter Denies Historical Rape Allegation

Porter explained that he has been silent until now due to needing to let the NSW police conclude the case.

When speaking about the time, which was 33 years ago and before Porter entered politics, he explained that “I didn’t say I remembered it very well,” but that he “remembered it as a happy time.”

Porter continued: “I remember the person as an intelligent, bright, happy person, but I haven’t had had any contact with this person at all since 1988.”

When asked if he would support an independent inquiry that could clear his name Porter deferred and said that was a matter for others to decide. 

“These are just for other matters, other people to determine whether or not there should be such a thing. What would I say in front of that inquiry? What would that inquiry ask many to do?”

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