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Finding Dory Might Feature A Same-Sex Couple

This is big for Disney!

People have been calling for Disney to include same-sex couples in their movies for a long time. Some fans have been starting ‘Give Elsa A Girlfriend’ petitions for the Frozen sequel, and one fan even wanted Disney to make a movie called Princes with openly gay characters. But it looks like we won’t have to wait quite as long as we first thought for them to get on board!

In the newest Finding Dory trailer, there are two women at 1:05 who lean over a pram to look at a baby and discover that it isn’t quite what they expected! The two women look like they could be in a relationship, check it out:

If this is the case, this is a must-needed change and good on Disney for finally getting on board! People on the internet are already excited by this new development…

Just another exciting reason to see Finding Dory – it’s in cinemas June 16.

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