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Could Britain be about to elect a female Prime Minister?

Ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson has long been considered David Cameron's successor. But with the shock Brexit news, a new possibility is emerging; Theresa May.

For some time, Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May has been known for her steely reserve – and, in some corners of the UK press, her fancy footwear (her collection of jewel-encrusted peep toes and patent leather boots are a fixture in the UK tabloids).

But this 59-year-old, Oxford-educated politician has more to offer than her head-turning wardrobe choices.

It is expected that within days, May will announce she’s standing to be leader of Britain’s Conservative party, following the Brexit outcome and Prime Minister David Cameron’s subsequent resignation.

Many believe that Boris Johnson, the mop-haired, polarising ex-London Mayor, is poised to take over as Prime Minister, but insiders say that May has been tasked with spearheading the “Stop Boris” campaign.

According to The Telegraph, a source close to Cameron said: “There is a special place in hell reserved for Boris. We need to get behind Theresa. She’s the grown-up.”

As the longest-serving Home Secretary this century, May possesses the unflappable focus and smarts required for the top job, plus – unlike Johnson – she has managed to emerge from the Brexit battle relatively unscathed, having quietly sat on the fence. Could she be the lady to unite and reinvigorate the disenchanted Brits? 

If May, who describes herself as a feminist, gets the keys to Number 10 Downing St, she’ll be the second woman (after fellow Tory Margaret Thatcher) to step into the British Prime Minister’s shoes. In leopard-print pumps, of course. 

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