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Two More People Contact Police Over Craig McLachlan’s Alleged Inappropriate Behaviour

Three actresses have accused McLachlan of indecent assault and sexual harassment

UPDATE:  Two more people have contacted police over Craig McLachlan’s alleged inappropriate behaviour following accusations the actor indecently assaulted, sexually harassed and bullied three of his co-stars during the 2014 run of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

On Monday, a joint Fairfax Media/ABC investigation reported that cast members Erika Heynatz, Christie Whelan Browne and Angela Scundi have accused McLachlan of inappropriately touching them or exposing himself.

Now, the ABC has confirmed that a female and a male crew member also working on the 2014 musical contacted police about McLachlan on Monday.

McLachlan has denied all accusations of improper conduct, saying they “seem to be simple inventions, perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety”.

He added: “In either event, they are to the best of my knowledge utterly and entirely false”. 

McLachlan has now withdrawn from the remainder of current Rocky Horror shows at the Adelaide Festival Centre and will be replaced by an understudy.

“We have spoken to Craig and have mutually agreed it is not appropriate for him to continue in the current production of the show,” the show’s producers, The Gordon Frost Organisation, said in a statement.

“We will be conducting a full internal investigation and will cooperate fully with authorities.”

As Nine News reports, Browne and Heynatz have filed two separate complaints to Victoria Police.

Among the allegations, actress Whelan Browne told Fairfax that the 51-year-old indecently assaulted her on stage during a scene when she and McLachlan disappeared under sheets on stage.

“So he started the kissing down the neck and down the arm, but then it gradually moved to the breasts and down the stomach,” Browne alleges.

“So he would keep kissing as if he was going to keep going and I would have to swat him away.”

She continues: “But this one night when he turned me around, he pulled my undies up so my bum cheek was out and he was kissing my bum. There is nothing I can do. I am stuck. There’s 2000 people watching me and can’t see him.

“As the tour went on he would say he could see my vagina through my white underpants – that was my costume – and he said that he could see the slit of my vagina and that he could smell it and it smells sweet.”

McLachlan is known for his roles the Doctor Blake Mysteries and Neighbours.

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