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A 7-Year-Old’s Schoolwork Is Going Viral For This Funny (Yet Creepy) Reason

"Maybe my child is an evil genius"

Parents are all too aware of the funny little sayings that can come from the mouths of babes, but one mum was shocked to find something a little scarier in her seven-year-old’s homework.

While browsing through her daughter’s exercise book, British mum Stephanie Furneaux found the sentence: “In March I found poison to destroy you.”

Sinister, yes? Until Furneaux realised that her daughter was simply making an – admittedly creepy – sentence out of words she had been given by her teacher: January, February, March, knock, knitting, destroy, royal and poison, reports.

But Furneaux isn’t worried about her daughter’s state of mind (although, you know, she could have chosen the decidedly safer ‘knitting’ to write about instead). 

“She’s a lovely girl really so I’m sure I’m safe,” she told The Sun.

Let’s hope so…

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