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Australian Dads Open Up About Parenting Children With Autism In Powerful New Film

This is a must watch

When former NRL captain Mat Rogers shared his experience as a father to Max, who is on the autism spectrum, during his TV stint on Survivor, it introduced Australians to an entirely new side to the rugby star.

Now, Rogers is lending his considerable clout to a new documentary, simply titled Dad, which gives the fathers of children on the autism spectrum a voice.

Produced by Autism Awareness Australia, the film introduces us to the often unheard stories of dads parenting children with autism, including Professor Brian Owler, a neurosurgeon and autism dad; broadcaster Ian Rogerson and his son Jack, who has autism spectrum disorder, along with Rogers and nine other dads.

“When children are diagnosed with autism, the support structures in place are often tailored towards mothers – but where does that leave the dads?” asks Autism Awareness Australia CEO Nicole Rogerson. “Sharing stories and experiences is how we learn and support one another, but there are few resources out there to support dads of children on the autism spectrum, who we know often have very different experiences to mums.”

The Dad documentary aims to provide support and guidance to fathers, while also promoting a more positive dialogue around autism in Australia.

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Watch the trailer above, and see the film in full here

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