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Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Seal Their Relationship With Matching Ink

It's a sign

Some celebrities can’t wait to share their coupled-up status with the world like Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Not only are they all over social media confessing their love for their significant other or writing songs about their love, they’re busy dropping PDAs anywhere they go at all times – on the red carpet, on bikes, walking down the street, anywhere any time.

The flipside of that is the celebrity couples who keep it so deep on the DL not even the most relentless paparazzi photographer can catch even one single shot to confirm if they’re definitely a couple or just very good friends.

28-year-old Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson and Cold Play’s 41-year-old lead singer Chris Martin are one such duo. The couple have been linked for nearly a year now and yet any evidence of their relationship is very hard to come by, until now.

Dakota Johnson at the 75th Venice Film Festival

Over the weekend Johnson stepped out for a photocall at the Venice Film Festival for her upcoming movie, Suspiria, and an eagle-eyed internet detective noticed Johnson had brand new ink on her arm in the form of an infinity tattoo.

Dakota Johnson Venice Film Festival infinity tattoo

E News reports just a few days earlier at a fashion launch in LA, Martin debuted the same infinity tattoo in a similar spot to Johnson’s new ink which provides fairly permanent matching proof of their relationship.

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