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Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Have Reportedly Broken Up


After over a year and a half together, which included matching tattoos and holidays with ex spouses, it appears actress Dakota Johnson and musician Chris Martin have ended their relationship. 

According to The Sun, the famous pair called it quits last month, something that came as a shock to their friends.

“Chris and Dakota were very easygoing and always seemed really happy together,” a friend told The Sun, revealing they were serious enough to be discussing an engagement. 

“There was talk of engagement but now he says they have gone their separate ways, which has come as a real surprise to everyone.”

Dakota and Chris were first spotted together in October 2017 and by December 2017 it was confirmed the two were an item. Despite never attending an official event together over the past 18 months, they debuted matching infinity symbol tattoos in August 2018 and Dakota was pictured at dinner with Martin’s ex wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, back in April. 

The last time the pair were spotted in public together was November 2018, while they were out for dinner, but the relationship was seemingly all go last month when Paltrow told the Sunday Times that she adored Dakota, calling her “a fantastic woman.”

Is love dead? It sure looks like it. 

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