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Daniel Stirling Opens Up About Raising Son Caleb After Wife Killed By Hoons

"It’s a very full on gig, but I wouldn’t change it for the world"

Little Caleb Stirling is very lucky to be alive.

In January 2016, Caleb’s mother, Sarah Paino, was killed in a horror crash when hoons in a stolen car collied with her vehicle. Sarah, 24, was carrying Caleb at the time. The unborn baby was delivered by emergency caesarian after the accident.

Caleb required urgent medical assistance to breathe after the birth, with medical professionals describing his situation as “touch and go”, the ABC reports.

Sarah’s partner, Tasmanian baker Daniel Stirling, said his son was lucky to survive after the tragic accident.

“He’s had all his tests and all has come back well, thank God,” Daniel said at the time.

“He should be a normal little boy.”

Now, almost 18-months on, solo-parent Daniel has opened up to Chanel 7’s Sunday Night about his son’s incredible progress. The little boy has learned to walk and talk and looks just like his mother.

“It’s a very full on gig, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I mean, I would as such – I’d have Sarah back in a heartbeat,” Daniel explained. 

“But I’m pushing on, I’m doing the best I can.”

Watch the full interview on Sunday Night on Sunday, June 25.

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