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The 8 Dating Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Just when you thought you'd seen it all

Just when you figured you’d heard all there was about emerging dating trends – sneating, curving, firedooring – eight newbies emerge. 


The new terms were coined by experts at dating app Plenty of Fish after a survey of over 800 users in 2018. 

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Below, all the new trends emerging. 

1. Grande-ing: ‘A personal celebration after a break-up, recently made popular by pop sensation Ariana Grande. Practising gratefulness at the end of a relationship and rejecting negativity and bitterness as you move forward with your life. Thank u, next.

2. Vulturing:Becoming much more romantically interested in someone when you sense their relationship is about to break up, and swooping in to woo them.’

3. You-Turn:Falling head over heels in love with someone but suddenly changing your mind for one reason or another.’

4. Instagrandstanding: ‘Curating your Instagram feed with one person in mind – specifically posting pictures that will appeal to your crush.’

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5. Cohabitating: ‘Shacking up with your new partner in a hurry just to relieve financial stress, even though you may not be quite ready yet.’

6. Scrooging: ‘Breaking up with someone shortly before the festive season just so you don’t have to get them a gift.’

7. Throning: ‘Dating someone just to boost your personal profile or reputation.’

8. Banksying: ‘Just like ‘Girl with Balloon’ was shredded and ruined on purpose, this is a breakup that is carefully planned way in advance.’

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