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Diane Keaton Admits It Is “Highly Unlikely” She Will Ever Date Again

The actress also got candid on why she’s never been married.
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Diane Keaton has opened up about her love life in a new interview with AARP, saying it is “highly unlikely” she will ever date again.

Speaking to the publication, Keaton, 77, also said dating had not been on her radar for a while. 

“I don’t remember anyone calling me, going, ‘This is So-and-So, I’d like to take you out.’ They don’t happen. Of course not,” she revealed.

Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton circa 1978. (Credit: Image: Getty)

It’s not the first time Keaton has spoken out about dating. In January this year, she told Extra that it had been “15 years” since she last went out with someone. 

“I’m kind of odd, but I’m doing fine. Someday, someone will marry me. Maybe one of these nice men today that have to deal with me today,” she said.

And while the actress hasn’t been married before, she’s still managed to craft a family of her own, adopting a daughter, Dexter, now 27, and son, Duke, 22, when she was in her fifties.

She also shared with AARP that her family had recently expanded when a friend gave her a golden retriever, Reggie.

Diane Keaton with son, Duke, and daughter, Dexter in 2018. (Credit: Image: Getty)

“I didn’t even ask for her. He came to me and said, ‘I think you need this dog.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I guess?’ Of course, now I just love her,” she said. 

“Dogs are irresistible. They’re just idiots. Reggie is a big jerk, and she’s hilarious,” she added.

Despite never marrying, Keaton has had a string of public romances during her high-profile career, including Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, and Al Pacino.

Reflecting on these relationships in 2019, Keaton told People, “I think I should not have been so seduced by talent. When you’re both doing the same job, it’s not so great. I should have found just a nice human being, kind of a family guy.”

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