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The Crime Thriller ‘Dirty John’ Will Be Your Next Podcast Obsession

For fans of 'Serial' and 'S-Town'

If you brainstormed countless theories about Serial and were left bawling over John B Mclemore’s tragic story in S-Town, boy do we have another podcast for you to binge-listen. 

The Los Angeles Times‘ new audio offering, Dirty John, is a haunting true crime tale about a shady anesthesiologist and the string of women in his life.    

In the first episode from reporter Christopher Goffard, we meet 59-year-old Debra Newell, a successful interior designer looking for love after multiple failed marriages. 

Enter John Meehan, a ridiculously smart and buff six foot two bachelor she meets on a dating site. John adores Debra—he showers her with praise, brings her coffee in the morning and within days is inseparable from her. 

But Debra’s children soon spot a few red flags. Why does John wear the same pair of scrubs every day? Why is there dirt under his fingernails if he works as an anesthetist? And why has he never brought home a paycheck? 

As they delve deeper into John’s past, a terrifying criminal record surfaces. John is not the man Debra—or many other women believe he was. 

Whether its the description of John’s eyes burning as “black as coal”, or the revelation of what’s in his storage locker, this podcast will give you chills. 

Any more information and we’ll give the podcast away. So do yourself a favour and binge all six episodes of Dirty John on iTunes or at the Los Angeles Times here 

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