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Distraught Mother’s Courtroom Outburst As Father Admits To Killing Their Child

The grieving mother shouted 'scum' across the court room

As Paul James Cosgrove admitted to killing his seven-month-old daughter Lily, her distraught mother couldn’t hold back her anger towards her husband.

Sobbing uncontrollably,  Emma Cosgrove, wearing a t-shirt with her daughter’s face on it, reportedly screamed out “scum” across the courtroom.

She was comforted by her mother, and was heard saying the words “my baby, my baby” as she left the courtroom.

After the hearing, the grieving mother told The West Australian that she was “lost without her best friend”. 

“I love and miss her so painfully,” she added.

Cosgrove reportedly told his wife their child had fallen off the change table, the child later died in hospital.

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing his baby and is scheduled to appear in court again on December 6.

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