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This Twitter Account Is Sharing Self-Isolation From A Dogs Point Of View

"they let me participate in the video calls. all the other humans cheer when they see me"

When people first started working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, memes began to surface about dogs wondering why their owners hadn’t left for days, and finally realising how our pets must feel when it was time to go for a walk. A ‘Dogs Working From Home’ account even popped up, with everyday people sharing adorable and hilarious images of their furry friends in work situations.  

Another social movement for our beloved animal has come to light this week, and it’s the comic relief we needed. ‘Thoughts of Dogs’ is a Twitter account dedicated to a dog’s inner dialogue, and its self-isolation threads are giving us all the hilarious feels. From being the centre of attention on all Zoom meetings to deciding today is ‘bring your human to work day’, the thread is capturing how pets must be feeling during this confusing time. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below: 

All the feels! 

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