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Dubai Princess Missing After Terrifying Escape Plot Goes Wrong

‘If you’re watching this video, it’s not such a good thing.’
60 Minutes

Princess Latifa Al Maktoum is the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the world. And she hasn’t been seen in four months. 

Despite living what appeared to be a lifestyle of wealth and privilege, her reality was far from glamorous, so with the help of former French spy Herve Jaubert, the daughter of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, she planned her escape.

But things didn’t go according to plan and now there are grave fears for her safety.

According to 60 Minutes, the princess attempted her escape via yacht, but eight days in it was reportedly intercepted with heavily armed men and the princess was abducted at gunpoint. 

The program obtained footage of the 32-year-old princess recorded days before her alleged escape attempt, attacking her father’s character and making allegations of imprisonment and torture.

“All my father cares about is his reputation,” Princess Latifa says in the video. “And if you are watching this video, it’s is not such a good thing. Either I’m dead, or I’m in a very, very, very bad situation.”

In the 38-minute clip she goes on to outline her imprisonment and after a previous escape attempt.

“It was constant torture, constant torture,” she says in the video. “Even when they weren’t physically beating me up, they would torture me.

“I was in solitary confinement by myself, totally, and there’s no windows, there’s no light.”

Speaking with reporter Tom Steinfort, her accomplice Jaubert said, “I could not believe the daughter of the ruler would want to escape.”

“And then she told me about her life, it’s difficult to hear, you know, when a woman speaks about abuse, torture imprisonment.”

The program reports that the princess has not been seen for four months.

Steinfort also spoke to Rhada Sterling, the Australian founder of human rights group, Detained in Dubai, who has helped raise awareness for the princess’ story and shared the video which has now garnered global attention. 

“It was very concerning when Latifa telephoned me and said, ‘I can hear gunshots. I can, you know, there’s people outside… help me, help me’,” Ms Stirling revealed of a phone call she received from the princess on the yacht before her disappearance.

“Imagine if the Queen of England had been accused of the same crimes of imprisoning Prince Harry,” Ms Stirling says.

“There would be worldwide outrage and scandal.”

While the United Arab Emirates Government declined an interview request by 60 Minutes, they have not formally confirmed or denied any of the story however unofficial government sources in Dubai suggest Latifa is safely back with her family.

Following the international attention the Princess’ story is garnering, there is mounting pressure on Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed to reveal the whereabouts and safety of his daughter.

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