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Australian Actress Maddison Brown On How Life Has Changed Since ‘Dynasty’

Plus, how she found the switch from Australia to LA.

Australian actress Maddison Brown may only be 25-years-of-age but the rising star has quickly garnered a reputation as being a force to be reckoned with since blasting onto the set of Dynasty. 

In this reboot of the ’80s American drama TV series bearing the same name, Maddison artfully wreaks chaos and destruction in her role as Kirby Anders.


While forging a formidable reputation as being a face to watch in Hollywood, Maddison has also dealt with the challenges of living away from her support network while filming, and the pressures stemming from her newfound international fame.

marie claire caught up with Maddison to chat through everything from how appearing on Dynasty has changed and how she found the switch from Australia to LA. 


What Has Working On Dynasty Been Like?

My experience working on Dynasty has been incredible for so many reasons. Prior to starting the show, I didn’t have much on-set experience let alone experience working in America, and that is really invaluable to me. It’s brought a lot of joy into my life and opened my world up to so many ‘firsts’ as an actor.

What Have Been The Most Memorable Moments Of Dynasty?

Definitely a scene I shot with my co-star Sam Underwood; our characters were getting intimate and his character throws me on Blake Carrington’s desk. Sometimes shooting scenes like that can be awkward, but we had a female director that episode and Sam was so respectful. We really played around with the comedy of it, and it was actually hilarious to shoot. I remember we both laughed a lot as soon as they called ‘cut.’

What Have Been The Biggest Challenges?

Assimilating to a life in Atlanta was tough at first, as well as coming into a film set in America with only a little on-set experience. I really struggled with homesickness at the beginning and feeling like the ‘new kid’ at school. I learnt a lot during my first season on the show, both as a professional and as a person.

Have You Found Your Life has Changed As A Result Of Dynasty?

Absolutely, as more people watch the show, particularly on Netflix, my social media following has grown so I’ve become more careful about the parts of myself I choose to share with the world on social media. I wasn’t as privacy-conscious before.


What Was It Like For A Young Australian Living In LA?

I was actually in Sydney when I first got Dynasty, but LA might as well be an acronym for ‘Little Australia’ at this point – so many Australians in the industry live there. It’s a nice community feeling, and I do love to visit.

How Do You Cope With Being From Australian Friends And Family For Long Periods Of Time?

It is hard at times, but it gets easier. I keep in touch on FaceTime, and always spend a lot of time with my family and closest friends whenever I’m in Australia. Having a dog over here with me definitely helps.

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