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Eddie Redmayne Responds To Rumours That He Used To Date Taylor Swift


Eddie Redmayne recently spoke to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about the Les Miserables movie, and made a shocking confession about Taylor Swift – but it wasn’t about their dating life. 

Rumours had previously swirled that the pair dated, around the time that the Oscar award-winning film came out, however Eddie Redmayne firmly put an end to them.

“I absolutely can put the rumours to rest. I never went out on a date with Taylor Swift.”

He did however reveal that Taylor Swift actually auditioned for Les Miserables, and it was pretty damn good!

“She auditioned for Les Misérables, she was amazing in the audition. 


“We got to sing together, which was a big moment for me, but no, we never went out.”


“She was extraordinary,” he said of the audition.


Though Taylor Swift didn’t make it in the film, we can safely say she probably isn’t losing sleep over it now, after being named the Highest Earning Celebrity Of 2016 by Forbes earlier this year.


Eddie Redmayne is now married to Hannah Bagshawe, and they just welcomed their first child in June.


Watch the interview here:

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