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Emma Stone On Fighting For Equality In Hollywood

“Nobody is going down without a fight”

“There is so much power to our voices, and we need to speak,” says Emma Stone. The Oscar-winning actress is talking about gender equality with her Battle Of The Sexes co-star, Sarah Silverman.

In Battle of The Sexes, Stone, 28, plays the legendary tennis player Billie Jean King, who took on Bobby Riggs in a historic gender challenge in 1973. More than forty years later, and sexism is still alive and well, as Silverman points out in her interview with Stone. 

“If you’re a woman who is being paid 80 cents, or less, to the dollar – and if you’re not able to sustain your life in the same way a man in the same position would – it’s asinine,” says Stone, of the gender pay gap that affects women around the world.

Hollywood is no different. “If you are paid equally, you get asked ‘How does it feel to be part of the lucky few [women] who are paid equally?’,” says Stone, in this month’s issue of marie claire.

Despite the gender pay gap sitting at 15.3% in Australia, Stone is hopeful for the future. “I refuse to believe all is lost. Nobody is going down without a fight – for love and humanity and equality and coming together,” she says. Preach it!

The October issue of marie claire starring Emma Stone is on sale Thursday.

October cover

Battle of the Sexes opens on September 21.

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