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This chilling video highlights the abuse we don’t talk about

Emotional abuse affects one in four women in Australia

It’s the type of violence that we rarely hear about – yet in Australia it’s estimated that one in four women have experienced it.

Now, the topic of emotional abuse is being tackled in a video that’s being shared around the world.

The video, called That’s Not Love, offers a glimpse into an emotionally abusive, controlling relationship. The ad was created by the One Love Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by Sharon Love, whose daughter Yeardley was killed by an abusive boyfriend.

It’s estimated that one in four Australian women and one in seven men have experienced emotional abuse by a partner, according to the ABS.

About half of women who have experienced emotional abuse said they were constantly insulted, belittled or humiliated. About a third said their partner had tried to control where they went or who they saw.

On its website One Love lists the 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship. If you are worried about your relationship or the relationship of someone you know, please visit One Love or Reach Out.

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