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Dutch may allow assisted suicide for those who feel they have ‘completed life’

The proposal has come as a surprise

The Dutch are controversially considering allowing euthanasia for people who consider that they have “completed their life”.

Euthanasia has been available in The Netherlands for 14 years, but only to those with a terminal illness.

However, in a letter to parliament this week, Dutch government ministers announced that they were looking at euthanasia for those who ‘have a well-considered opinion that their life is complete, must, under strict and careful criteria, be allowed to finish that life in a manner dignified for them’.

The Netherlands was the first country in the world to allow euthanasia.

However, according to The Telegraph UK, there is mounting criticism that the laws are becoming too lax; in recent years growing numbers of Dutch people have ended their lives via euthanasia due to mental health issues, rather than physical health problems. In 2010, two people with mental illness ended their lives through euthanasia; last year that increased to 56, according to The Telegraph.

Recently a 17 year old chose to end their life through euthanasia.

Overall, four per cent of deaths in The Netherlands are due to euthanasia. 


The Dutch Health Minister has said that the new law will require “careful guidance and vetting ahead of time with a ‘death assistance provider’ with a medical background, who has also been given additional training”. The government hopes to have laws in place by 2017.

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