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Everything We Learnt From The Bachelorette Premiere Last Night

Georgia Love is just like us!

Last night was the premiere of the new season of The Bachelorette, and boy, was it a good one.

Following Richie’s somewhat awkward manner on camera in the most recent season of The Bachelor, Georgia Love’s media experience as a news reader shined on the small screen, and was a pleasant change! 

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As usual, the first ep was full of surprises, but here are the most important things we learned…

1. Georgia Love quit her job AND her career to ‘find love’

We’re pretty sure the producers of the show must have pretty much fainted when they found an application with the name ‘Georgia Love’ on it, but it must have been a hard decision for Georgia. That being said, we daresay this is only the beginning of her career really, particularly with her strong media background already!

Maybe not, Georgia, but there’s plenty of fulfilment to be found nonetheless!

2. First red carpet arrival and potential top three Cameron was in this year’s Perth Firefighters Calendar


3. She’s a big fan of Dad jokes…

Lee has already made an excellent first impression on Georgia by bringing a donkey for the sole purpose of a pun: “Does my ass look big in that?”

But much to his surprise, she hit him right back with one…


4. But she is NOT a fan of beards.

She practically jumped to shave Clancy’s beard right off.

5. Expensive gifts are not going to win her over, but thoughtfulness just might

Courtney and Carlos had a slightly awkward moment when they realised that they’d both given Georgia bracelets – Carlos gave her a Tiffany’s creation while Courtney gave her a pasta bracelet. However Courtney walked away with the First Impression rose while Carlos walked home, so it’s going to take more than grand gestures to win her heart!

6. Georgia isn’t the only one having a romance on this show!

Aaron and Rhys have struck up a bromance over their sense of humour! Problem is, doesn’t really look like Georgia shares the same taste…

7. Georgia and Cam are Disney fans…like literally everyone else on this planet

8. Sam is most definitely ‘The Villain’…but has a smoulder like no other

In his back story, he led with such charming lines as “I feel intimidated by independent women who don’t need a man

9. She’s human…and stacks it just like Jennifer Lawrence

So relatable!

The Bachelorette airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on Channel TEN.

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