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‘Ex On The Beach’ Is Apparently Headed Down Under, And You Bet The Cast Is Full Of ‘MAFS’ Stars

It'll essentially be like part two of the 'Married At First Sight Reunion Special'

It should come as no surprise that the end of Married At First Sight’s eighth season, saw a plethora of reality TV fans flock elsewhere for their on-screen drama fix. 

Despite Real Housewives and Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ endless episodes tying one over for the next few years, there’s a new addition on the horizon—Ex On The Beach.

And while, yes, the series is already a huge success in the United Kingdom, the seaside spectacle is apparently set to make its way down to our shores.

Thanks to Australian gossip podcast, So Dramatic!, the tea has been already been spilled over the new must-watch.

But what is Ex On The Beach even about? Practically explained in the name, the series strands a group of eight singles on a beachside getaway, where each of the contestants go from enjoying their time in the sunshine, to wishing they could sail away after their ex-partners are invited along to join them for the trip.

As for which Australian “celebrities” will be joining the local version of the show, MAFS alum Jessika Power was initially approached for the series. However, she turned it down after she revealed that she was dating rapper, Filthy Fil, at the time.

While scouting Power for the show may have seemed like a good idea, So Dramatic! also claims that she chose not to appear after admitting that she had “better offers” to choose from.

But of course, those sifting through Australia’s reality TV elite are sure to come across even more MAFS stars. Apparently, Michael Goonan from the show’s seventh season, was also approached to star in the show, alongside ex-partners Stacey Hampton and KC Osborne, and has apparently confirmed his participation.

Goonan is also rumoured to have been offered “$90,000 to go on the show for four weeks, plus the two weeks he will need to quarantine,” as per So Dramatic!.

And while Goonan has supposedly given the all-clear to appear on-screen once more, it’s important to note that he is also apparently in a relationship. Currently dating Maddie Bloom, a close friend to the pair revealed that Bloom was “ok with him appearing on the show because it’s for his “career”.

Prior to Bloom, Goonan was controversially dating Osborne who he was not paired up with on the experiment. According to podcast host Megan Pustetto, Osborne has previously stated that she’d only appear on Ex On The Beach if Power wasn’t taking part, which means her participation could be likely.

As for Hampton, she is currently caught up in a legal battle for allegedly breaking COVID-19 restrictions. Recently, she was charged with three counts of breaching restrictions after she was spotted travelling interstate instead of remaining in self-isolation.

Following said counts, Hampton is potentially facing up to $20,000 of fines and two years in prison, if she is found guilty. And while she is supposedly able to make an on-screen appearance on Ex On The Beach, it will surely all depend on when she’s required in court. 

Searching outside of the MAFS universe, The Bachelorette’s Ciarran Stott was also apparently approached by producers of the show, however, his participation was revoked after none of his exes—Jessica Brody, Renee Barrett and Kiki Morris—has any interest in being on-screen alongside him.

And after what went down on Bachelor In Paradise last year, we can’t say we blame them.

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