Ciarran Stott Breaks His Silence On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale, Claims He’s Committed To “Maturing”

“Looking back on it, it’s a bit difficult to watch"

From the get-go, former Bachelorette fan favourite Ciarran Stott had some seriously questionable behaviour while appearing on the latest season of Bachelor In Paradise.

From the near-constant displays of toxic masculinity to his blatant double standard views of ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett dating “friend” Matt Whyatt despite his own actions of being with not one, not two, but three women in Paradise. 

Now for the first time, Ciarran has spoken out about the behaviour we saw unfold on the Channel 10 series, claiming he’s “maturing.” 

Following the finale episode on Sunday night, the reality star spoke with Fifi Box, Brendan Fevola and Bryan Cooke, sharing his side of the story. 

“Looking back on it, it’s a bit difficult to watch, I didn’t watch all of it,” he told the radio hosts. “The actions that I did, I have learned from it, and people do need to remember that this show doesn’t define who I am as a person. I did make mistakes on it, but I’m 26 and I’m still learning and maturing.”


He also went on to explain that after leaving Paradise with Kiki Morris, the couple moved in together in Sydney before “fizzling out.” 

“Moved in pretty quickly, it all went straight into the deep end really,” he explained. “Then after New Year’s, it just – I don’t know – fizzled out a bit and that was it.”

He added, “She didn’t do anything wrong, it just didn’t work and I moved to Melbourne.”

However, that’s not the way Kiki tells it.


Speaking on the reality TV podcast So Dramatic! both Kiki reflected on her experiences over the past few months, and in particular, what really went down with Ciarran.  

“Everything was great until it wasn’t, and then it was terrible,” Kiki told host Megan Pustetto, going on to explain that after celebrating New Year’s Eve, “something kind of happened.” 

“I went to the gym, and when I got home – all his stuff was packed at my back door, and he drove straight to Melbourne,” she said. 

Basically, Ciarran ghosted her despite them having made plans to move into another apartment together. 

“He used his fake tears, that ‘I’m so sorry, you deserve better’ bullshit, saying, ‘I need to work on myself, I can’t give you everything you deserve, there’s something wrong with me’,” Kiki said, adding, “Then he went on a five-day f*ckfest with God knows who” and after that, she “never heard from him again.”

In an Instagram post following the episode, Kiki said she was grateful for her time in Paradise. 

I wish him nothing but the best, and hope that he’s grown from this experience like I have,” she wrote. 

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