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Father Who Shared Heartbreaking Image Of His Little Girl With Cancer Announces She Has Passed Away

"Now my princess has grown her angel wings and has gone up to play with her friends and loved ones."

A father’s photo of his four-year-old daughter in pain from her battle with cancer captured the hearts of people around the world, and encouraged people to donate to childhood cancer research. However he recently made the sad announcement that his little girl has passed away.

Jessica Whelan from Lancashire suffered from neuroblastoma, a cancer that attacks the nervous system and mostly affects young children. 

Her father, Andrew, had set up a Facebook page to document her journey, and raised over £75,000 to be donated to childhood cancer research.

He initially shared the painful portrait he had taken to show the ‘true face’ of cancer, writing that there was an important reason why he wanted to share it.

“This is the hardest photograph I have ever made, it is in fact my own four year old daughter. A few days ago she was given what is most likely only a few weeks to live after a battle against cancer that has been waged for over twelve months.

“With this photo I do not mean to offend or upset,” he added. “I do mean however to educate and shock those that see it in it’s context. Perhaps by seeing this photo people not in our position will be made aware of the darkness that is childhood cancer, perhaps these same people may be able to do something about it so that in the future no child has to suffer this pain, so that no parent has to bear witness to their own flesh and blood deteriorating daily.”

He took to Facebook late yesterday to announce with sadness that his daughter has passed away.

“I feel both sadness and relief in informing you all that Jessica finally found peace at seven o’clock this morning. No longer does she suffer, no longer does she feel the pain of the physical constraints of her body.

“Now my princess has grown her angel wings and has gone up to play with her friends and loved ones. She will now watch down over her little brother and ourselves until one day we are reunited again.”

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