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Fears Grow For Missing Jogger

Mother-of-two Sherri Papini was last seen on November 2

A mother of two has gone missing during an afternoon jog, and fears are mounting that she has been abducted.

Sherri Papini, 34, was last seen on November 2 jogging north of Redding, in northern California.

The disappearance comes soon after three women were murdered, in separate incidents, while jogging in the US. 

Panini’s sister yesterday ruled out the possibility that the mother of two had simply left. “She was out for a run. She wouldn’t leave her babies,” Sheila Koester told The Toronto Sun.

Papini’s husband, Keith Papini, yesterday appealed to the public for help, telling KRCTV: “Bring her home, bring her home, just bring her home. Bring her home safe there is a $50,000 reward just bring her home.”

“If she is listening I want to say, ‘We are trying, we are trying the best we can and I am sorry I’m not there,'” said husband Keith, crying. “I’m coming honey. I am trying, I’m doing everything I can and I love you.”

Papini now believes his wife was abducted.

“It’s hard waiting you know, you are waiting for a phone call, you’re waiting for something to tell us this is the directions, or this is the house, or this is the car and that is very difficult right now.”

Papini has said that he arrived home on Wednesday, to find the house abnormally quiet. His wife’s car was at home. However, neither she nor their two children, aged two and four, were there. When he rang the children’s daycare, he was told they had not been picked up.

He used the Find my iPhone app to locate Sherri’s phone, which was down the street.

Recent jogger murders

Nurse Alexandra Brueger, 31, was shot in the back four times around 2:30 p.m. July 30 as she ran in the 11000 block of Fish Lake Road. The killer has not been found

Caterer Karina Vetrano, 30, was killed in New York City on August 2, and found by her father, a firefighter. The killer has not been found.

Google employee Vanessa Marcotte was murdered while jogging in Massachusetts, just half an hour from her home. DNA evidence has not led to the killer. 

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