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Fernando Paulino Found Guilty Of Murdering Ex-Wife

"Mum can finally rest in peace"

The sons of a Melbourne woman who was brutally murdered say she can finally rest in peace after her ex-husband was found guilty.

Yesterday a jury found Fernando Paulino guilty of murdering 49-year-old flight attendant Teresa Paulino in 2013 in her parent’s Resevoir home.

The Age reports that Ms Paulino had been stabbed 16 times in her chest and back.

Prosecutor Andrew Tinney QC told the court that Mr Paulino had been unable to accept that his former wife had a new boyfriend, and that he was bitter that their assets would be split in family court proceedings.  

“He made annoying late night phone calls to her … he called her nasty names to his children,” Mr Tinney said, the ABC reports.

“The man in the dock absolutely hated Theresa Paulino with a burning and violent passion.”

Ms Paulino’s sons allege their father had threatened to kill their mother repeatedly and had said “she’ll die before I give her anything. I have worked so hard for everything”.

The jury heard that after the pair’s split, Mr Paulino regularly insulted his former wife and told others she had been in a pornographic video.

The defence insisted that there was no forensic evidence that linked Mr Paulino to the crime.

A huge cheer from family and friends was heard in the court when Mr Paulino’s verdict was delivered, reports.

Outside the court, her son, Daniel Paulino explained that the decision was “just a relief”.

“Mum can finally rest in peace.”

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