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Fertility Blogger Tragically Dies During Emergency Caesarian

She inspired thousands with her pregnancy journey

A 30-year-old woman has died during an emergency caesarian after suffering a heart attack and going into cardiac arrest.

Vanessa Fernandez Arango, who shared her fertility battles and journey to falling pregnant on Instagram, finally fell pregnant via IVF.

“The beginning of the end, the beginning of feeling alive, the end of suffering,” she shared on her page when she finally fell pregnant after suffering from two ectopic pregnancies and losing both her fallopian tubes, reports The Mirror.

When Arango was 38 weeks pregnant however the mum-to-be started to feel ill and fainted before being rushed to hospital reports Spanish news outlet El Mundo.

Doctors performed an emergency caesarian but Arango died after suffering from cardiac arrest.

The couple welcomed a baby boy named Alvaro, who was in intensive care but has now been able to go home.

Husband Jonathan Garcia shared the tragic news on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“This is Vanessa’s husband,” he wrote on Twitter.

“They have carried out an emergency Cesarean. The baby is in intensive care. Vanessa has died. You will understand that this account will now close. Thank you all for making her laugh,” he wrote.

 “Here you have our first family photo, the fourth member of the family that watches from the sky and helps us get up at 3 is missing,” he captioned a photo with his baby in his arms and their family dog by his side that has been translated.

“It is very hard this, diapers, milk powder, lullabies, crying …. and esque when the child cries, poor Nala makes me cry, and I follow her with the doubt of what to do and the pain of lost.”

The grieving husband went on to thank hospital staff for saving his son’s life, as well as the IVF clinic where the couple fell pregnant, for the “little miracle I have in my arms”.

“Even though his mother is not here, I know she would be just as grateful.”

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