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Could Zali Steggall Be The Politician We Never Knew We Needed?

From Olympian to Abbott-slayer to planet-saver

Zali Steggall knows a thing or two about how to win.

Back in 1998 she became the first Australian individual to ever win a medal at the Winter Olympics (winning Bronze in the Slalom at the Nagano Olympics). That’s First. Ever.

Then last year, she came back into the public eye with an even bigger splash – winning the blue-ribbon seat of Warringah – stealing it from the incumbent former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, in the process. Grown women wept for the Abbott-slayer.

Now, she’s trying to introduce a game-changing Climate Change bill into Federal Parliament that will shake up the very foundations of our coal-dependent nation.

And we think she can do it.

See if you agree by listening to our latest episode of ‘Finding Fearless with marie claire’ starring one of Canberra’s new shining lights , and our favourite new cross-bencher, Zali Steggall.

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