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The First Moet Champagne Vending Machine Is Officially In Australia

Life made

The vending machine of our dreams has just touched down on Australian soil – brought to you by none other than Moët Chandon.

Think lustrous lines of mini Moët bottles (495 of them to be exact!), chilled to perfection and filled with fizzy goodness – all yours at the push of a button!

Sound amazing?

Well, for $29, you can buy a gold token coin to feed into the vending fridge, which will in turn give you your very own 200ml Moët moment.

The only thing left to do, is pop that cork and attach a specially-designer gold sipper, which magically turns the bottle into a makeshift champagne flute.


And if you are worried about the vending machine shaking, dropping or straight out breaking your bottle – fear not! These machines will hand the bottles over even more gently than you could grab them off a shelf. 

With the vending machine fast becoming a retail frontier, Moët first started the trend in London’s Selfridges in 2013. The only difference was, their bottles were adorned with Swarovski crystals…which seems a little fancy but also came with a hefty £18 price tag.

So, this Saturday, the first of (hopefully) many Moët vendors will appear at – *drum roll please* – The Star Gold Coast’s Garden Kitchen & Bar. 

We’re not jumping for joy – you are. 

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